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Dear Nude Peep Toe,

The first time I saw you, my eyes were hooked. I couldn’t look beyond. You sat pretty and tall. Ever since, my love for you has grown and it continues. You symbolize and personify the beautiful feat of contemporary fashion—one that is chic, subtle, graceful, and yet adventurous. You don’t boast of being a ‘must have’ in every girl’s closet; yet there is nothing that keeps you away from it either. You are quintessentially fashionable, quintessentially you!

Nude peep toes are a classic. Go high street with brands like Mango, Nine West, Aldo…

Nine West Flute
Nine West Flute
DIOR Miss Dior Nude Peep Toes
DIOR Miss Dior Nude Peep Toes

Or, if you wanna let your purse strings go lose, go haute couture with Dior, Prada, and the likes…… whichever you choose, a nude peep toe will not let you down on days you feel you have nothing to wear!


P.S. – Dear readers of this blog, I welcome you to my journey of exploring the style, the luxe, the fashion and everything beautiful – exactly what the Nude Peep Toe represents. Thanks!

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