Esprit de Chanel

The chic legacy of the one who did not do fashion but was fashion herself has transpired in ways more than evident—costume jewelry (e.g., strings of pearls and faux bling), women pants, LBDs, tweed/jersey suits, two-toned shoes, quilted bags, to name a few. Sure, Chanel brought ’em to our closets.

Like many, I absolutely admire the work of Chanel, the designer as well as the fashion house. Coco Chanel could not have been more forthright in indicating that not all could own her label.

Nonetheless, as I perceive it, Chanel extends beyond the work of the fashion house, it is a sensibility that most of us embrace in our own ways, such as the pearls with which we adorn ourselves…

Or, more so, the spirit that resonates with what Coco quoted about style, fashion, and beauty…

Long live Chanel. Respect.

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